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LifeU© Ep. 2

That night time seemed to crawl slowly as his thoughts began to conquer his consciousness. What was left of the day seemed to have rushed by only bringing him closer to a cold and lonely night. He never left back out of the house. People came by, he never answered. He just sat there trying to figure out what in the hell was he to do now. He was only fourteen. How was he to go on taking care of himself and three others. But he couldn't lose the rest of his family. He had no one to turn to. The closest family he had was Charles and he was gone. What if the government tried to take him and his sisters away. What could he do? Was it a way around it. I mean, the town was small enough where no one would really notice. Maybe he could keep up with everything like normal and no one would ever find out. 

He planned on trying to go about his days as though nothing had happened. He figured it couldn't be that hard. After all, his mom had never been there anyway so all he had to do was keep up with his normal routine. When the alarm went off that morning so did the alarm in his head. He was all about business at that moment and knew that he had to become someone completely different. He got the girls up and got them ready for school. It was quite cold outside so he made sure they had on enough clothes. They were all packed up and Ashley was stuffing the last of her homework in her backpack as they heard the bus pull up. They all left out for their bus and Zack bid them a good day. On a typical day Zack would be leaving out behind them but he decided to stay back so that he could plan out his next move...

What do I do

What do I do

I have to be specific

cuz in these times 

and in this place

i should be the dependent

but the tables are turned

and I've learned that my table is more so flipped

I'm in a bind and now i gotta grind 

and find what makes the world tick

it's morbid

this position I'm in

but failures not an option

so if I'm a sell this weed

I ain't gonna be smokin' 

so I'ma start detoxin'

There is endless opportunity out here

I just gotta be easy to reach

so maybe it's time to live a life of crime

and take over these city's streets

There were so many indescribable emotions flowing through his veins at that moment in time that he lost most of himself in his ambition. Some could argue that he became a bit crazy. But being crazy was the only sanity he had. He had no options though, or at least he felt he didn't. He had already pushed himself in the position to make money in this town. So he sat down and bagged up three ounces of weed. He sat the money he had already made down on the table. It was around five hundred and eighty five dollars. Which was enough for now, but Zack needed wayyyy more. He needed to be able to make that in one hour. He started to map out the city in order to see a clearer vision of the task at hand. He made himself a goal to try and sell at least three ounces a day since he had bagged up that much anyway. He put the money in his jacket pocket, the bagged up weed in the front pocket of his backpack, and the rest of the uncut weed underneath the sink in the kitchen. Now how was he to let people know he was open for business. Maybe if he just sat on the porch. But it was cold outside and he didn't want to freeze. So he decided to just get on his bike and ride around. Maybe people would see him and stop him. Now that he thought about it, he should've went to school because that's where all of his clientele was. Other than Simeon. Wait! Simeon had asked him to come back by yesterday. Maybe Simeon knew more people who wanted to buy weed. 

So he left out of the house to head towards Simeon's. As he left out the house, there was a familiar car sitting out front. He saw that same car yesterday some time. The window rolled down and it was Simeon. "Get in," Simeon said. So Zack dropped his bike and walked to the passenger seat. It was a Mercedes. He had never been in a car this nice before. He was a bit excited. His childish mind instantly took over and he started to fiddle with just about everything. Simeon said, "What happened to you yesterday? You missed out on a lot of money. Just about everyone that comes in there was looking for you. But they buy like I do. Not just a sack or two at a time. And I figured you wouldn't be going to school today. So I say we can make you a couple of quick dollars today. You're going to act like you work at my restaurant for today and make you some sales." Simeon had not started moving the car yet. He added "Go get all your weed and your scale. You're gonna need it." Zack didn't know what to say so he did as he was told. When he got back in the car Simeon began driving and talking.

I know what happened with your moms kiddo

but look don't sweat it

I'm gonna help you through 

and I don't want you to regret it

You in a privileged position

you can become more powerful than us all

this is only the beginning, this is just starting off small

I can guide you to the top

but with power comes 'sponsibility

as long as you remember 

with dignity you accept humility

keep your head held high

and your chest poked out

and stand on what you believe in

without a shadow of a doubt

I'm here to back you up

I see something in you that's amazing

right now, this is a means to an end

but it'll be the world that you're eventually saving

so stick by me kid

and we're gonna change the world

but now we will be the necessary evil

and emerge as saviors from our own turmoil

Zack didn't know what the hell Simeon was talking about so he just agreed. Sounds like he was saying some of the same things that Zack had been thinking about all night but Zack wasn't quite sure. They got to the restaurant and went in. There were already a lot of people inside sitting down having breakfast. As Simeon and Zack walked in everyone looked up. This was unusual for a kid to not be at school so they automatically knew who the kid was. The word had already spread like wildfires that it was a kid that was selling weed and Charles was no longer selling. Simeon pointed to a booth in the back corner and told Zack to chill out over there. Zack walked over, tossed his bag in the seat and sat down. He sat there for a few moments and instantly got bored. He didn't wanna just sit there staring out the window because he knew that his mind would wonder too far off track.

He looked up and realized someone had been been standing there. "Yea. What's up?" Zack said. "Let me get a half," the man said. "Don't you work here?" Zack asked. The guy sat down at the table. "Look kid.This is how it works. I take the orders. I tell you the orders. I give you the money for the orders. You get the orders ready. I come back and deliver the orders. you pay me for my services. Everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy." "Wait. I gotta pay you? Why I gotta pay you?" Zack asked. "'Cuz i'm doin' all the leg work. unless you want everybody coming over here seeing all that weed in your bag." Good point. "Well... How much i gotta pay you?" "Well  if anyone buys in here the prices are inflated. Since we own the market and have no competition we can set prices as low or as high as we want to." This sounded like economics class to Zack. Zack agreed and the man got up and left, but not before Zack read his name tag. Terrell. So he made up the order and Terrell came back for the exchange and with several new orders. They made these exchanges for a few and then it got slow. So far Zack had sold about four and a quarter ounces and had made about a twelve hundred seventy five dollars. So basically he figure he could sell in increments of 75 five dollars, with a quarter being seventy five and an ounce for three hundred. 

But Terrell had a different idea. "In a few minutes it'll be lunch time. I'm driving the prices up and i'm telling the customers you got better quality. So the ounce is going to be 350, Half is 175, and a quarter is 85. The more money I make you, the more you can pay me." It was a bit crazy but Zack wanted to see if it could work. Simeon came out of the back for a while to check on everything but he saw that Terrell was handling everything quite well as he had planned. With the next wave of customers the prices had risen and no one minded paying it because they couldn't get it anywhere else. By the time school was about to let out Zack had thirty three hundred dollars and he had two and a quarter ounces left as well as the three ounces he had bagged up that morning. He could probably get some of that off by selling to his classmates. He started to pack up his things so he could try and catch up with everyone.

But Terrell wasn't finished. "What's wrong? Where you goin'? How much we got left?" Terrell asked. "Ummmm. I got like 2 and a quarter left that ain't bagged up." Zack said. "How much you got bagged?" Terrell started "We gotta get rid of everything you got right now. This the time when the big money come in. They don't take the same lunch breaks as everyone else so they basically all the business owners in town. I can probably get all of that off easy." Zack didn't know what to say. So he just sat back down and let Terrell do what he did best, Sell. And he did exactly that. Somehow he got two guys to buy the remaining five and a quarter ounces as is for a set price of fifteen hundred. He came over to Zack and said "put your scale in your pocket and take everything out of the bag except the weed. We'll get you a new bag." Zack was a bit confused but his confusion left when Terrell handed him the money. Terrell gave the bag to the two gentlemen and they looked very satisfied with their purchase. Terrell told Zack to follow him and they went in the back to Simeon's office. "you all out?" Simeon asked Zack. "Yea, but i can get more." Zack replied quickly. "Okay well let's count what we got so far." Simeon said. "4800, I been keeping track." Terrell added as Zack pulled out the money and sat it on Simeons desk. Simeon started separating the bills and told Zack to start counting. Zack counted and began handing everything he counted back to Simeon. Simeon recounted and in the end they both counted 4800.00. "Its extra here," Simeon said questioningly to Zack. "Oh that's from what I sold yesterday." Zack said. Simeon took out that extra money and handed it to Zack. Zack just held it in his hand. Then Simeon took out a calculator and said "It's about 2 something," while looking at his watch. "So Terrell did about 5 hours for you. We can give him 360 dollars. And I get 15 percent for allowing you to conduct your business in my facility which is 960.00. Now that leaves you with 3480.00. Now what I offer you is Terrell's services daily. You can bring us more marijuana and we will distribute it as we have done today and the prices will stay the same. You can come pick up money weekly, every Sunday to be exact, but we will need a steady flow of product. today was special circumstances because people had to re-up but we can do about 2 to three pounds a week here and at another location. "

Zack stood there thinking as Simeon slid him his cut of the money. He had seen plenty of movies and thought to himself "Damn i'm finna be just like Scarface." So he agreed to Simeon's terms and he told them he would go get more weed and bring it to them. Simeon said "let me take you somewhere first." So he and Zack got into the car and rode to a nearby phone store. They went in and Simeon said, "You need a phone so I can contact you anytime and anywhere. So get you a phone." Zack looked around at the phones and decided to get a Samsung Galaxy. He paid about 900.00 for it and Simeon said I added you to my bill but you gonna pay your own part." Zack agreed and began playing around with the phone. First thing he did was make a Facebook account. That way he could stay up to date with all his friends. And he made a twitter account too.                                           

Simeon gave him Terrell's number as he dropped him back to the house. And just in time because the girls' bus was pulling up. He met them as Simeon pulled off and let them in the house. They all came in and Zack made them start on their homework. He told them he would bring them home some food a little later as he got ready to leave back out. He had to get to Charles' house to get some more weed. He hopped on his bike and took that long bike ride towards Charles' house. He had a lot of time to reflect over everything that had just happened today. And overall he came to the conclusion that he had done a good thing because he didn't even have to sell anything. That was probably the most awesome thing about it. He felt like the man. He had 3480.00 for another pound of weed but he could give them more than a pound and he could sell a pound himself. So he decided he was gonna give them two pounds and get one for himself. It's Wednesday and he figured he could have the money back Sunday like Simeon said. He finally made it to Charles' house and his phone went off as he was going inside. It was a text message.



Change of plans. How bout u bring me 3

and I'll give you 3000 up front for each.


3000? for one?


Yea. just bring me three and I'll give you the

money and I'll just buy more as i need it. 


Aite I can get you 3 then. I'll be back in about a hour. I need some food for the girls too.


Aite itll b ready. 



He got down to the basement realized he had nowhere to put the weed. He went back upstairs to Charles' room and found a Nike gym bag. He went back into the basement and put four pounds inside the duffel. He zipped it up as he closed the hole in the wall back up and headed back up the stairs. He stopped. He felt like he was forgetting something. Oh yea. he turned around and went back down to the hole, counted out 2000.00 and put it in and closed it back up. He would have to bring the rest later when he met up with Simeon. Once he got outside he hopped on his bike and headed down the road back to his own city. He was doing numbers in his head. 3000.00 but take 2000.00 from each. So he would only actually keep 1000.00. That's a lot of money. But he had a 50 dollar a month phone bill too. So that was 950.00 left. And he had to feed the girls every day. "I should go grocery shopping." He thought to himself. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't even realize the group of guys who had stepped in front of his bike.

Guy 1: Where you going lil' homie. U ain't from round here is u?

Guy 2: Naw he ain't from here. That's a nice bike though. Let me ride it.

Zack: Naw i'm good. i got shit to do.

Guy 3: Man get yo bitch ass off this bike.

The third guy walked up to Zack and grabbed hold of the handlebars.

Guy 2: What u got in that bag, some gym shoes? U look like u wear my size. Gimme this bag.

Zack: I ain't giving you shit. 

Zack yanked the bag from the second guy. 

Guy 1: We know who u is Zack. And we know what's in the bag. Just give it to me, and the bike. 

Guy 3: Man fuck this. 

The third guy punched Zack right in the eye. All three of them started punching and kicking Zack as he fell to the ground. He was caught completely off guard and had no time to react. They got the bag and the bike and ran off with it. Now what was Zack to do. So he walked back to Simeon's, bloody and lumped from where the guys had hit him repeatedly. The walk was long and lonely. He made it back to Simeon's at about 6 p.m.. When he came in Terrell ran over to him and grabbed him. "What the fuck happened to you? Who did this?" Terrell was asking a million questions but Zack was in too much pain at the moment to respond. They got into the back in Simeon's office and Simeon started asking questions too as Terrell started putting towels filled with ice on Zack's face. It burned but he knew it would help. Then Terrell asked Simeon "Want me to handle this?" "Naw, he gonna handle it himself. He gonna have to learn. So what they take?" Simeon asked. "They took the bag I had with four pounds in it and my bike. They didn't get my money." "You know what they look like?" Simeon asked. "Yea," Zack replied. Simeon went into his desk drawer with a key and opened a locked drawer. From it he pulled out the biggest damn gun Zack had ever seen. Even though Zack had not seen any in person. It looked like a small cannon. He handed it to Zack and said "Go do something about it." "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Zack inquired. "You supposed to make a statement. make an example out of these guys so that everybody will understand you are not the person to FUCK with." Simeon told him. He still was a bit lost but he figured he'd wing it. He stood up and said "I don't wanna kill nobody. But I gotta feed my family. And i gotta take care of them." "Right, and you gotta let everybody know that if they try it with you there will be consequences." Terrell added. And Zack walked out of that office with a different type of mentality than he had walked in with. "Go with him," Simeon told Terrell. 

Terrell ran out behind him and caught him outside walking. "Get in the car," Terrell screamed to Zack. Zack turned around and got in Terrell's car and they headed to where Zack had been robbed. They got there and Zack had tunnel vision. He saw the houses they had run behind afterwards and got out the car. Terrell parked and ran after him. He was going down a street asking everyone he saw if they'd seen his friends and giving descriptions. Everyone was so helpful, they pointed him in the right direction. He finally got to a corner and asked a man sitting on the porch "Hey excuse me sir. Did you see where my friends went because I was supposed to be meeting up with them." The man got the description from Zack and pointed out a house a ways down the street. Terrell grabbed Zack and said "I'm gonna bring the car around." Zack just shook his head and kept going. He got to the house the man had mentioned and saw his bike in the yard. He was at the right place. His senses heightened at that moment and he began to notice things he didn't usually notice. Like the unlatched front door and the empty driveway. One of the front windows was also wide open and he saw that no one was inside. He heard no voices either.

So he walked right in the open front door. As he did he pulled the gun from under his shirt and held it with two hands. He creeped slowly around the house checking rooms and noticed that voices were coming from the basement. He got to the basement door and creeped down the concrete stairs. It was dark in the basement and he stuck to the shadows. There they were. All three of them. But there was a fourth guy sitting there too. Someone he knew. Someone he knew very well. They had all the weed on the table and were talking about how it was so easy to come by. They had set him up. It was all a set up. This made him even angrier. He was set up by someone who he thought was a friend. He picked the gun up to aim as he started to get closer to the back of the 2nd guys head. They still hadn't noticed him coming closer. He emerged from the darkness as an angel of death wielding a weapon he could barely control. And as they noticed him he said "Put yo fucking hands up or he dies..." Everyone raised their hands as he pulled back on the hammer of the revolver. They all heard it click as fear overtook the hearts of each and every one of them, even Zack. Then Zack blacked out from anger...

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