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LifeU© Ep. 3

They stumbled to the ground

the frown upon Zacks face showing pure anger

he had lost himself but had taught himself

to think logically when there was danger​

He lined them up on that basement floor

side by side execution style

he looked in the face of the traitor

and couldn't help but smile

he took the gun and hit him in the side of the face

with all the power he could muster

the traitor fell to the ground

and the others became instantly flustered

they began to beg for their lives

But Zacks heart was too cold

he not only wanted their life

now he wanted their souls 

He contemplated on what to do. Simeon and Terrell had told him he needed to prove a point. He needed to do something that would strike fear into anyone. But what could he do. If he killed them he would most likely go to jail. So he didn't want to kill them. He could just beat them real, real bad but they could always come back and try to get him again. "Dammit man," Zack began to talk to them. Maybe if he talked out loud he could see what would scare them the most. He didn't want to go through this again so he needed to make his statement clear. 

"See you was s'posed to be my boy. But u go and set me up? What kinda bitch ass shit is that? Get yo ass the fuck up!" He grabbed the traitor by the back of his shirt and pulled his swelling head up. He began to whisper menacingly. You could hear the anger in his voice, but he tried to keep as calm as possible. He put the gun in the traitors mouth. "I should just kill you now. 'Cuz they was only actin on what you told them. You really thought you was gonna get away with this. Like I wasn't gonna come after you. In the last week I've lost sooo many people." He got real close to the traitor so that he could look directly into his eyes. "Tee, I have no problem losing you too. Your life means nothing at this point." Then Zack let him go and stood to his feet. He began to pace the room constantly thinking about what he would do to these few guys. But before he could figure it out... In came Terrell.

"Heyyyyyy, Good you got em. You sure this all of them. Ain't nobody missin' is it." Zack shook his head no as Terrell placed a heavy duffle bag down and took off his trench coat. As soon as his coat hit the floor he ran towards the robbers and began to hit them anywhere his fists could reach. He was relentless in his assault saying all kinds of things as he swung for the fences. They all curled up trying to defend themselves but they were too afraid to fight back. Between the gun Zack was holding and Terrell's crazy ass, they figured not fighting back was probably the only way to save themselves. The only thing worse for them had to be death. Or so they thought. But Terrell had something worse in mind. Terrell pulled out zip ties and put them around their ankles and wrists. Zack just watched because Terrell obviously knew what he was doing. Terrell took out a hunting knife, some towels, a pair of scissors, and a tool kit. He laid everything on the table that the weed was on and shoved the guys one by one until they were all in a chair. Then Terrell pulled Zack to the side and said "go grab me a bucket of water." Zack said "Okay," and walked upstairs to find some type of bucket. As he walked around the house he couldn't help but hear the guys screaming downstairs. He looked around for a while and couldn't find any type of bucket so he went into the kitchen and found the biggest pot he could find. He filled it up with water and took it downstairs. 

Terrell said "Which one first?" as he looked at the four guys. Zack went straight to Tee without hesitation. Terrell went over to Tee and knocked him to the floor. Tee's face was already swollen from the fists and guns that had been pounding on him. He spit out some blood as he writhed in pain. Terrell layed him on his back and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his face. Zack said to Tee "You was s'posed to be my friend. See what happens when you turn yo back on me?" Terrell heard this and got angry. "You mean to tell me you know this muthafucka?" Zack said "Yea. We used to hang out all the time. We smoked together almost everyday." This incited more of a fire in Terrell. Terrell changed his mind. He grabbed the hunting knife and cut Tee's zip ties from his wrists. Tee started to apologize racingly as Terrell threw him back down and stepped on his left hand. "You like to rob yo friends huh? You set Zack up? Didn't he look out for you? Now I'm finna cut yo hands off so they can't ever cross Zack again." Terrell took aim with his knife as Tee screamed and squirmed trying to plead and save himself. The other guys were crying profusely. "This is too much," Zack thought to himself. They were only high schoolers. Well, Tee was for sure. So he said "Stop." Terrell looked over at him and said "What the fuck you mean stop?" "Stop," Zack said. "They've had enough. I got a better idea." And a better idea he did have.

He held the gun up and pointed at them all. "Y'all work for me now. Y'all gonna sell for me and pay me. So by tomorrow y'all need to all pick a different spot and y'all gonna get four ounces each. This is me saving your lives. And if y'all ever try to cross me again... Terrell will be back and I won't be here to stop him." He walked over to Terrell reaching for the hunting knife. Terrell flipped the knife in his hand so that Zack could grab it by the handle then he stepped away from Tee. Tee winced as Zack leaned down to cut his legs free. When Zack stood back up he reached out to help Tee up. He let Tee sit down in a chair as he cut the other guys free. As he let the last one go, he put the knife to that guys neck and said "Don't make us have to come back." He turned to the table and collected three pounds of weed. Then he said to Terrell, "tell them everything they need to know." As he kicked over the pot full of water. "I'll be at Simeon's." He found the duffel bag in the corner and put the weed in the bag. Then he left out as Terrell stayed to show them what they would need. Then Zack came back downstairs and gave them his scale. "Oh yea, y'all gonna need this. Terrell you can just come on 'cause I can just give Tee all the details tomorrow at school." Then he pointed at Tee and added, "Be at school tomorrow." Terrell gathered all his things, even the hunting knife that Zack was still holding on to and they left that house.

Zack had had enough for one day. He needed to get home to the girls because he knew they hadn't eaten. He wondered if Simeon was still going to buy the weed from him. They got in the car and they were both silent on the short ride back to Simeon's. Although Zack's face was swollen, he knew that he had come out on top and had even found the way he would expand to Charles' city. He kind of smiled as they pulled up to Simeon's. They got out the car and went inside. When they got in the back to Simeon's office Terrell said "The kid did good." Simeon stood up and said "Welcome to manhood kiddo." Zack couldn't help but smile. He felt proud. He didn't quite know if he had made the right decision, but he had obviously done good. He told Simeon "I need to get some food and get back to my sisters. They ain't ate yet." Terrell turned around and left out to go get them some food prepared. Zack pulled the gun out and tried to hand it back to Simeon. Simeon told him to keep it, "Just in case." Zack put the gun back into his hip. "Well... Where's the weed?" Simeon asked. Zack had actually forgotten that they were supposed to be making that transaction. "It's in the car still," Zack replied. Then he turned around and headed for the front. He saw Terrell in the kitchen and asked "is the car open?" Terrell tossed him the keys and he went outside and got the duffel bag out of the car. He walked back in to Simeon's office and Terrell was in there too. He handed Terrell the keys and Simeon the duffel. 

Simeon took the duffle and looked inside. He was pleased. He opened his locked drawer and pulled out a handful of crisp one hundred dollar bills. From it he counted out nine thousand dollars and slid it across his desk towards Zack. Zack picked up the money and flicked it through his fingers. He was pleased. The smell of money was enticing to him. "Well when we need more we will let you know. Terrell take the kid home when his food gets ready. Good job today Kiddo. Just Remember. Any decision you make, make it. Don't ever question yourself. This will help you because the more you question yourself, the more you will leave room for others to doubt you. Never leave doubt."

Zack took those words to heart. Simeon had not led him astray yet. Zack stuffed the money in his pockets with the rest. Then he stopped and asked "How much I owe you for the food?" Simeon said, "It's on me this time. You just get those girls something to eat." One of the other employees had come in with a big sack of food and gave it to Zack. "Aite Simeon. I'll talk to you later." Zack said as he began to leave out. Terrell followed him to take him home. Zack got home and as he was about to get out of the car Terrell told him "Imma be checking up on you kiddo. If you need me just hit my line." Zack agreed as he walked to the door of the house. He put his keys in as Terrell pulled off. Once inside the girls came from the back room. He handed them the bag of food and they ravaged through it like animals. He had forgotten them at home alone for all those hours. He had to make sure there was food in the house for them to eat from now on. 

He grabbed the bag and got his food out as everyone sat in front of the tv and ate their food. It was quiet in that house, until Ashley asked "Can we have ham for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey? I saw how mom cooked it and I can do it too." Zack had forgotten that Thanksgiving was but a few days away. So tomorrow he planned to take the girls to the market and get groceries for thanksgiving. But before that he had to make sure that he had someone to sell for him while he was with family taking care of business. "Fuck it. I'll make Tee do it." He said to himself as he told the girls "Tomorrow we will go shopping and get whatever y'all want for Thanksgiving dinner." They said "yayyy" like they were going on vacation. So they sat there the rest of the night with no worries and no cares. He somehow felt at peace. From the last few days he figured he could pull through anything. He figured if he made this much in a few days, he could do anything. He had two cities under his control, a few workers, a bodyguard, and a connect. He knew things could be done, but not this fast. With the night came good rest and the alarm woke him up to yet another day. He got the girls up and prepared them for school. While getting them ready he left a note in his phone to "get stuff for breakfast." As the girls left out to get on their bus, Zack began to leave out too. When he locked the door and turned around Terrell was pulling up. "Come on. Imma take you to school." Terrell said. 

Terrell drove him to school. He was listening to an old Nickelback album. Zack just sat quietly. He got to school, said "Thanks" and went on inside. He wondered what that was about, why Terrell just popped up to take him to school. When he got inside he met up with Jay and Jon Jon. "Damn so it's true? The word is some guys tried to rob you. What the fuck happened?" They saw the swelling on his face. They had so many questions, but all Zack said was "Everything okay. Ain't nothing happen." Tee was walking down the hall towards them. He looked hideous. His face had not healed a bit and Zack had no remorse. He stared him down as he approached the group. "Good. You came. Come on and talk to me." They walked off from Jay and Jon Jon as a million questions were thrown into the air. Everyone around was silent as they looked at Tee and Zack walk down the hallway. They walked into the bathroom and Jay and Jon Jon stood outside trying to listen in. They overheard Zack telling Tee everything he had to do and how much he expected and when he expected it. They also heard Zack telling him that if he tried to cross him again he would break both of his legs. They kind of figured out that Tee had something to do with it. When they came out of the bathroom Tee tried to play like nothing had happened. 

They all went to their classes and went about their day regularly. When it was time to go to lunch Zack moved slow as usual getting to his locker so that he could see Amy. She was by far the highlight of every day that he spent in high school. He waited patiently everyday to get to his locker just so he could see her pass by. He got to his locker and pretended to put his things away. He looked down the hall to where she usually came from but she was not there. "Damn, where is she?" Zack thought to himself. He remembers that she had kissed him and she knew his name. Maybe she'd remember him. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear the soft voice from behind him.

"Zaaaaack. Zaaaack. Heyyyy! What happened to your face." Zack's heart plummeted to the bottom of his stomach. He was at a loss for words. She had come and found him. Amy... Had come and found him. And she was talking to him. She reached up towards his face to touch where it had swelled at. He let her. "Does it hurt?" She asked. "Not no more," he replied. "I heard you got robbed. What happened? You should walk me to class." She was talking faster than he could answer but he was gloating just to have her attention. As they got to the class she was heading to, she kissed him on the cheek and said "Thanks. What are you doing after school?" "I gotta take my sisters grocery shopping so we can make Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow." "Oh wow! You're going to be cooking? Oh my gosh. You know what? I'm just going to come over tonight and help you all because you might poison those girls." She said and smiled as she went into class. She had just told him that she wanted to come over and help him cook. This was the most amazing feeling of all. His heart felt lighter than a feather as he floated down the hallway. The rest of the day seemed to move slower than ever. And once the final bell rang he became excited all over again. He wanted to get home as soon as he could because he didn't know what time Amy would be coming. Maybe he should talk to her again.

Once he got to his locker he figured he would just wait outside for her. But she was a step ahead of him. She came to his locker again and said "you ready?" "Hell Yea I'm Ready," he thought to himself. "Ready for what?" is what really came out. "So we can leave, silly." she said jokingly. He agreed and followed her outside. As they got outside there was Terrell again waiting for him. He was confused. Was Terrell following him? He went over to Terrell to see what he wanted. Amy noticed and followed. "Come on I'm driving you home." Terrell said. Then he opened the back door for both Zack and Amy. Zack smiled as he let Amy get in. He thumbs upped Terrell and got in. For the first time Terrell smiled as he closed the door and went around. Zack felt like this was supposed to be his future. He had the money, the power, and now he had the girl. She leaned over and whispered, "I can't wait 'til we get to your house. I got something I wanna show you..."


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