1 plus 1

I won't go easily

I won't be defeated

these are the thoughts she had as she layed there next to him.

his body still glistening from the quickly drying prespiration.

I have to do something

I gotta do something

she was tired but she wanted more

the sex was so good she was energized and sleepy

she had been laying in the last position they had done for a few minutes now.

she looked around the room and started to let the ideas flow

so if 1 plus 1 is 2

then imma put 2 and 2 together

she pulled out a pair of handcuffs

and a small whip that was leather

she grabbed some extra sheets

and poked him to see if he was woke

he didn't budge at all

so his dick she started to stroke

he started to move a bit

she kissed him to calm his nerves

she began to handcuff his hands

on to the headboards curves

all the while gently kissing his face

and it worked

he didn't wake up

she tied the sheets slightly neat

to the bed and to his foot

he started to wiggle a bit

shit he's gonna wake up too soon

he opened his eyes and to his surprise saw her silhouette in the moon

she was dressed in lingerie

her voice was soft and sweet

but he was still trying to understand

why are these handcuffs on me

she walked around to the head of the bed

grabbed his head and said

uve been a bad boy

then she reached down by the bed n grabbed her bunny toy

now u have to sit and watch

then she crawled up on his chest

she put the toy to her mouth

and let her lips caress

she reached down again on the side of the bed

this time she returned with warming gel

it was a small bottle

purple in color

and had a subtle sweet smell

she poured it on her toy

and let it drip down on him

then started to grind on that spot

it got hot

to the both of them

he started to say something

but she reached down and grabbed a small rag

she tied it over his mouth

to supress any opinions he had

then she leaned in and kissed him

then leaned back and pulled her panties off

he moaned slightly

she knew this might be

the feeling they'd once lost

she threw her panties over his face

he wiggled his head and they fell

all of their senses were tingling

from the touches to the smell

she turned the toy on

he heard and felt the vibrations

she rubbed it down from her lips

to where she craved penetration

the vibration turned her on

slight moans from those sweet lips

his chest was her erotic spot

where she continually grinded her hips

she rubbed the bunny ears on her clit

it gave her so much stimulation

he anxiously watched

readily awaited the end of this simulation

she slowly penetrated her self


and in

and out and


she moaned visciously

as she meticulously

shoved it out and in again

her climax was coming soon

and she did not let up one bit

she worked the toy with one hand

and with the other massaged her tits

her moans became climatic


ooohhh baby, ooooohhhh

she creamed and screamed

as the toy continuously moved

once she was done she took one finger

and rubbed it on the toy

and pulled the rag from his mouth and said

taste it little boy

he licked and sucked her finger

it turned her on some more

she said

"welcome to the mind of a freak!

Now I'm gonna make you my whore..."

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