4 Lips

She had Climaxed and was hornier

he needed more from her

but he was helpless 

and felt this

       was the thing that she wanted more


and a hold on her he couldn't grasp firmly

and no

she was in no way worried

and so...

she continued with her story 

from here

they'd reach climatic glory

she set her toy to the side

figured his tongue is what she needed to ride

it was already wet and had a bit of a shine

so she leaned down and kissed his face

1 lip, 2 lips, 3 lips, 4 lips

she wanted his lips to her lips in between her hips

she needed her lips to his face so he could taste

what was hiding beneath that pretty lace

she straddled his face

his tongue grew erect

she was sooo prepared for what would come next

her clit to his lips

her hands on the wall

she sat it all down on him

so he could taste it all

he felt like he'd grown gills

because he didn't come up for air

she started to slowly grind his tongue

as she put one hand to his hair

He opened his mouth and lapped like a dog

she moaned out of pure unadultered bliss

she balanced herself on her newfound saddle

as she used her hand to rub her tits

her body started to vibrate as he covered her clit with his mouth

then he sucked and blew and sucked and blew

til everything within was ready to come out

she closed her eyes and bit her lip

and like a military woman

she shot from the hip

all over his face her juices dripped

and he licked it clean

like it was his tip

her legs were shaking 

her body was weak 

as it was everytime it reached it's peak

she sat back and looked down

he longed for more

so she had to show him what else she had in store...

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