Amycable Ep. 3

“Alright class! Remember your questions for chapters 5 and 6 are due the next time I see you. No excuses!” The History teacher called out as students were racing for the door.

Amy quickly gathered her things and did the same. She  was walking to her locker to exchange some of her books when Melanie walked up and greeted her.

“Hey friend, I called your house last night. Were you and your mom out?” Melanie asked. Amy knew if she told the truth that Melanie might begin to look at her differently.

“Oh, no she was in one of her moods again and was probably on the phone and did not feel like clicking over” Amy said as an excuse. It was true that Melanie could sense Amy was not always telling the truth about who she was or what going on in her home. But she was always willing to look past all of that just to be her friend.

“Oh Ok. Well I wanted to ask if you wanted to spend the night at my house this weekend. We can hang out and I’m sure I can get in my Dad’s liquor cabinet if you’re down?” Melanie squealed.

“Hell Yea, you know I’m down.”

“Oh, and I heard your little friend got into so trouble yesterday” Melanie said.

“My little friend? What are you talking about?” Amy did not have the time to go back and forth with her.

“The boy that gave you the weed. He got robbed or something” Melanie revealed.

Amy’s right eyebrow raised, giving her face a curious scowl.

The girls continued walking down the crowded hallway and suddenly Amy caught a glimpse of the cute little guy she got the weed from in the park. She knew he was a bit younger than she was but there was something about him that made her want to get to know him anyway. Melanie stopped to talk to someone and promised she would catch up with Amy later. There wasn’t much time before the next bell.  Amy walked up behind Zack as he was kneeling down in front of his locker putting some things away. He hadn’t noticed her presence but seemed pleasantly surprised.

“Hey Zack, Zaaaaack. Zaaaack. Heyyyy! What happened to your face." Amy asked as she noticed many cuts, lumps and bruises now that she was standing in front of him. He looked back at her, a bit startled and amazed she was this close to him again. It took him a minute to register what she had asked.  He hadn’t noticed her walk up on him but seemed pleasantly surprised. Amy was showing genuine concern at this point. She was starting to believe that maybe he was not the good boy he seemed to portrait around school.  Amy reached up towards his face to touch where it had swelled at. He let her.

"Does it hurt?" She asked.

"Not, no more," he replied.

"I heard you got robbed... What happened? You should walk me to class."

Amy was talking faster than he could answer but he was going along with it  just to have her attention. As they got to the class she was heading to, she kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for the escort. Amy looked him right in the eyes and watched his face become less tense, softened due to her presence.

"What are you doing after school?" she asked.

"I gotta take my sisters grocery shopping so we can make Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow."

"Oh wow! You're going to be cooking? Oh my gosh... You know what? I'm just going to come over tonight and help you all because you might poison those girls." She said and smiled as she went into class. There was no need to wait for his response she said what she said. End of story. Plus he wouldn’t dare tell her no. This is what dreams were truly made of.

Amy sat in her seat and smiled to herself. She really did not mind helping Zack with cooking. She was actually pretty good at it and figured her mother wouldn’t miss her not being there. Amy wanted to see how he lived, what he liked to do and how she could possibly get to know him better. The day went on as normal but time seemed to have slowed down like it does in the movies. Once the final bell rang he became excited all over again. He wanted to get home as soon as he could because he didn't know what time Amy would be coming. Maybe he should talk to her again.

Amy went to her locker and put her things away. A few kids passed by her in the hallway and said bye on their ways out the door. Amy wondered if she should go home first and quickly sided against it. She wanted to wait for Zack so they could walk to his house together. She was a step ahead of his again. She walked up to him at his locker.  

"You ready?"

"Hell Yea I'm Ready," he thought to himself.

"Ready for what?" is what really came out.

"So we can leave, silly." she said jokingly. He agreed and followed her outside. As they got outside there was a man waiting on Zack to come out. Zack looked confused.

“Hold on a second, I’ll be right back” Zack said to Amy in a quiet tone. Zack went over to the mysterious man to see what he wanted. Amy ignored his wishes and followed closely behind him.

"Come on I'm driving you home" Terrell said. Then he opened the back door for both Zack and Amy. Amy looked at Zack suspiciously while he smiled as he let her get in first. He gave her a look to let her know everything was cool. Then gave a thumbs up to Terrell and got inside. For the first time Terrell smiled as he closed the door and went back around. Amy was down and did not ask any questions. Zack felt like this was supposed to be his future. He had the money, the power, and now he had the girl. Amy leaned over to Zack and whispered, "I can't wait 'til we get to your house. I got something I wanna show you..."

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