Amycable Ep. 5 All Is Fair

“Girls! Go ahead and get cleaned up I’ll be in there to check on yall in a minute before bed” Amy yelled from the living room. She wanted to comfort Zack’s sisters the way she wished someone had cared for her as a child. Her grandmother would never allow bad things to happen to her but she unfortunately was not around for some parts of her life. She could not believe what had just taken place but she liked it. So many thoughts rushed through her mind and she wished Terrell had asked her to tag along as well. Shooting that gun was like a small piece of Heaven on earth for her. The adrenaline, the quick thinking, the gangsta lifestyle was one she often enjoyed watching in movies. It actually turned her on. Amy often fantasized about being the ‘Bonnie to someone’s Clyde’, being truly respected and never messed with again.

Zack was probably losing his mind over it all. Amy knew he had been through a lot and honestly hoped she could ease his exasperation. All of this happening after his mother left, leaving him to somehow pick up the slack. He had left them a while ago to square things away with Terrell and make sure Simeon would be ok. Zack had no way to explain all of this to his sisters but knew he would find a way. When Zack returned he opened the door to find Amy standing there pacing the room anxiously. When she laid eyes upon him her heart sank.

"Oh my God!! I thought something else may have happened. Are you okay? Geeze!!! You need to get out of all these bloody clothes. Did you get hurt?" Amy was rambling on and on. She had asked so many questions at one time that Zack barely had enough time to answer any. She continued talking as she led him into the bathroom. "I put the girls to sleep. You need to take a long shower and get yourself cleaned up. I'm gonna stay here with you tonight if you don't mind. I don't think you need to be alone." Amy went straight into a nurturing mode when she saw the look of exhaustion written all over Zack’s face. He needed her just like she needed him. Amy hadn’t even thought twice about what her mom would think or say for her not being home, she probably hadn’t even noticed.

Zack walked into the bathroom simply agreeing to everything Amy was saying. His mind was too focused on the blood he craved to pay too much attention to her at the moment plus he was beyond tired.. She closed the door to the bathroom and stood outside. Her head hung down because she could feel his pain. She rubbed the door. She wished it was him she was rubbing. He truly needed comfort in this troubling time.

On the other side of that door Zack was taking his clothes off and turning on the shower water. He was finally alone and the pressure built up from the last few weeks was finally about to burst inside of him. He stepped into the shower slowly as the water hit his skin. He began to think again of the transgression against what was now his family and began to get mad again. All of his emotions were in a state of total disarray. He held his head down as water ran down his face. The warm water mixed with blood draining off of him seemed to remind him of the blood gushing from Simeon's body. He began to cry. Tears left his eyes by the thousands. He wanted so bad to be strong, but he had no more strength left in that moment. From within his tears a rage overtook him within that instant. He screamed loudly as he punched the tiled wall of the shower. He had punched so hard that a few tiles had broken up and fallen on to the shower floor. Amy could hear his wails and screams knowing he was having a hard time, wondering if something had fallen over.. Zack bent down to pick up the broken pieces. He fumbled them around in his hand admiring the fact that he had enough power to do that.

He leaned out of the shower to throw the pieces of the wall away, reaching for the small garbage can his mom had always kept in the bathroom. As he leaned he felt a small soft hand grab hold of his. He pulled the curtain back to see Amy standing there. He covered himself up instantly. "Are you okay?" Amy asked.

He was surprised to see that she had come in. "Yeah. I'm okay," he replied. She started rubbing up the arm she had grabbed. Zack dropped the pieces of tile nervously. Behind the curtain his member was seething with excitement. She could tell by the way his eyes followed her hand that he did not mind or want her to stop any time soon. She pulled the curtain back and looked at his body. She let go of his hand and began to undress herself slowly. He watched her admirably as her ripped shirt and tattered jeans hit the floor.. Her body was such an amazing sight. She was fit from years of running track. He had no idea what to do when she finally took her panties off.

His mouth hung wide open as he gazed upon this spectacle of a woman. Amy was older than he was and obviously had done this before, but Zack, well Zack was a newbie. What she liked most about him was his compassion for taking care of his sisters. He was all they had left in this world and he was doing all he could to make sure they were good.

Amy grabbed his right hand and laid it upon her breast. He felt a sigh of relief within him. They felt so soft and round and it was just amazing. She stepped closer and pushed him toward the back of the shower. He moved back without so much as a second thought as their lips met softly. Their tongues intertwined in what seemed to be pure bliss and Zack completely forgot about the events of the day.

She kissed his lips slowly

little nibbles here and there

he placed his hands on both her cheeks

and now wet and silky hair

she pulled him ever closer