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He took her from the chair

and made her kneel

then tied her hands behind her

and tied that rope to her heels

He began to lift the hood

that veiled him from her sight

but once it was above her nose

he tied it tight

He leaned down and grabbed her head and said

open your mouth

she did what she was told

without a second thought or doubt

she felt him stand

she could smell herself on his dick

she forgot his instructions

and licked the tip

but that wasn't enough for him

he pressed on from there

he stuffed her mouth

and she wasn't prepared

she gagged and gagged

he did not stop

she pulled back

and almost threw up

He grabbed her back towards him

pressed into her mouth deep

she started to gag

and he told her to breathe

I can't she said as she pulled away

he told her just to breathe through her nose

she said fine and took a deep breath

he pulled her back in and started to stroke

she took it

to the throat

she toughed it out

and wanted more

Her face was plastered with

the spit she gagged

but he needed to show her what

more he had...

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