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I tell people I love them often and the truth of the matter is I do and my love is not limited yes I love you and you and you but when I say I love you you tend to ask me why that question confuses me and all I can give is a sigh we've been taught to love conditional we've been taught there has to be a because but if Ste'fon says he loves you it's just because he does I don't need a reason why I love you, I just do And I wish, oh how I wish you could love me without conditions too I mean I know you like the advice I give and i'm fun to be around but break all that away and what do you have now love is not something that has a condition it can't be quantified or counted love doesn't have a limit and if it does even science hasn't found it love is the basis of life even plants grow better when you love them but you want to put a cap on the love you give it's like picking a flower from it's very stem If you love it why not let it grow if you love it let it be the best it can be if you love it like you say you do then why does it need to be conditionally It's like that old newspaper cartoon you know the one, Love is... it was funny to see what love really is from the perspective of a kid

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