Episode 6: The Waiting Game

Tossing and turning throughout the night caused Amy to barely sleep like she had originally intended. She wondered when Zack would be back home, if he was ok, and if there was any way she could help. Remembering that she had a half bag of cheeto puff in her backpack, Amy got off the couch and sat in the middle of the floor. Rocking back and forth she contemplated all the things that were happening in her life in such a short time. She could be heard whispering to herself and even laughing here and there. Amy had been through so much and seen much more than many would expect. Handling that gun to save Zack and the girls was something she was happy to have done. She felt powerful and appreciated. For once she felt like a necessary piece to a puzzle. Amy knew Melanie would not be able to believe all that had transpired since the last time that talked or even had seen each other.

Amy walked around the small house to check on the girls while they were asleep. It felt good knowing she had their backs and could protect them from harm while Zack was away. They looked like little angels. The three of them laid together, all curled up and surrounded by cute stuffed animals. She watched over them for a while then quietly backed out of the room. Zack’s room was a mess but his mother’s was left in shambles. Amy found herself in the space his mother had occupied and glanced at her things on the dresser. Perfumes, loose change, pictures of them all had fallen to the floor and the glass was now broken. Her bed was unmade but the sheets looks soft and warm. Amy sat on the edge of the bed thinking of how her mother’s room looked nothing like this. It lacked her femininity and care. She thought of what her life would have been like with a mother like Zack’s. Although she up and left, based on the way she kept her room told a lot about the person she is. Maybe she just got tired of her life but at least she showed love to her kids while she was still around. Amy opened the closet door and admired the garments hanging and folded on the shelves. Amy wanted to be a desired woman that had nice things and lived her life the way she wanted, even at the young age of 16. She walked into Zack’s shabby bedroom and after a few minutes of snooping around she grew tired again and laid back down, hoping to see him by the time the sun came up.

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