Episode 7: What Abandonment Looks Like...

The morning came fast and the sunlight barged it’s way through a break in the curtain. Amy ended up spending the night cuddled up in Zack’s bed for the rest of the night and she slept well considering he never came home to join her. Zack’s youngest sister startled her as they were around the house getting dressed, brushing their teeth and packing their backpacks for the day. Amy had no idea what routine they usually followed but still wanted to do what she could. She found some bread in the cabinet that looked like it was still good. She made all of them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and luckily was able to pour them small bowls of cereal with the last of the milk in the refrigerator.

“When is Zack coming home?” Ashley asked.

“Yea, I miss him!” Charity yelled.

“I hope he comes back and doesn’t leave us like mama did” Brittany whispered.

Amy couldn’t help but feel sad for them. She really had no idea where Zack was and if or when he would return to them. All she could mutter was, “He’ll be back soon. He is just handling some business, and does not want y'all to worry”. The three little faces staring back at her were saddened by what could actually happen but finished their breakfast instead. The bus came just like they said it would and she walked them out. The Charity ran back to give Amy a tight hug before boarding along with her sisters.

Amy was went back into the house and wondered how she keep herself busy so she wouldn’t go crazy. She didn’t even have a phone to call Zack or Terrell but needed an outlet so she left the house in order to clear her head a bit. A lot had happened in the past few days and although she was looking forward to what would happen next, she needed to process it all. Amy found herself at school, signing herself in late.

“Ms. Smith, so good to see you. I think we’ve missed you around here lately” Mrs. Dreer called out from down the hall.

“Yea, I’ve been a little under the weather” Amy responded.

“I called home but got no answer, I was tempted to come by just to make sure everything was alright.”

“Oh, well I’m good. Thanks so much for caring” Amy said as she scurried away. She had no energy to come up with more lies to get her off her trail. Amy wondered what was going on at her home since she had been away. Her mother had no way of contacting her, or so she thought. Melanie’s eyes lit up when she saw Amy walk through the door. Amy gave her pass to the substitute teacher and sat in her normal seat.

“Girl!!! Where the hell have you been? I was going to come by your house the other day but your mom ended up calling my house” Melanie announced.

“Oh, she did? Well what did you tell her?” Amy questioned. She knew she would be in trouble but also knew it was all fuss and most of the time her mother did not want her around. Ever since she had cut that man in their living room her attitude had seemed to be getting worse.

“I just told her that you had been by and everything was fine. She didn’t ask much more and hung up.”

Amy was fairly relieved. The teacher came down the aisle to hand out worksheets for the class to complete.

“Are you going to fill me in or what?” Melanie was waiting for the tea, Amy always seemed to have some.

“Well, let’s just say I’ve been getting to know Zack better. He’s been letting me crash” Amy said like it was nothing special about it. She knew better than to disclose too much information because the last thing she needed was for her and Zack’s business all over the school. They were entering dangerous territory and them being linked to each other was already too much information.

Melanie was pleasantly surprised at how well her friend was keeping the gossip to herself. Little did she know, Amy was great at sticking toher guns. Time went on and as Amy was on her way to lunch. She wished Zack was there at his locker, pretending not to be waiting on her to pass by but still no luck. Amy finished her food and saw Tee and Jay standing by a nearby vending machine.

“Hey, ya’ll are friends of Zack’s right?” she asked with hesitation. A huge part of her didn’t want to say anything to them but her thoughts were crowding her mind.

“Yea, why?” Jay asked. Tee just looked, wondering how a girl that fine was asking about Zack and not him.

“Oh, just wondering if ya’ll been seeing him around. I had a message for him” she said.

“Well we actually haven’t but I like messages…” Tee flirted. He should have known better than to cross Zack from the last time but old habits did indeed die hard.

“Yea, nevermind…” Amy walked off, disgusted by his antics. It was not worth the trouble. She just wanted to know if Zack was safe, and if he wasn’t what she needed to do to help. Amy had already proven that she was far from scary and would bust a gun with no regrets. She just needed someone to say the word. The end of the day was near and Amy had almost forgotten she needed to be back at Zack’s house to let the girls in. She had borrowed some money from Melanie so she could stop by the store on the way. She wanted to treat the girl’s to something good to eat and she needed snacks to bury her sorrows in. What had her life become. With every passing car, she cracked the curtains to peak out hoping Terrell’s truck would pull up. So many emotions filled her being. The feeling of being alone was familiar but abandonment was always a hard pill to swallow. It was hard enough getting close to people but when they up and disappeared the way Amy coped was never good.

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