Godling Ep. 1 Of Gods and Men

“What kind of man are you! You let them kill your son, your baby, and you tell everyone to be peaceful. I thought you were our protector. You couldn’t protect him! You cant protect me! You’re worthless! They took our babyyyyyy! Myyyyyyy bayyyyy beeeeee!” She broke down crying. She blamed him. He was furious. He had listened to the lawyers and officers and had just went along. Another innocent black kid shot down by the cops for no reason. They had too much power. They were judge jury and executioner. He hated police. They were all bad in his eyes. He had let her down. His son, his baby boy, only 10 years old, dead. Because he seemed like a threat. He wanted to be a cop when he got older. Now he was just another body that another cop got off for by saying those “well he is black” terms. He rushed me. I panicked. Sarah was crying so bad. He didn’t know if he could ever help her through this. The hole in his heart was bigger than the hollow tips they had put into his boy. The body cam footage that had been released was Sarah’s tipping point. He was trying to be strong, but who would be strong for him.

            He needed a drink. He walked to the Steaming Willow. Always the same faces in the bar. He sat at his usual seat and ordered a whiskey. “You know what, make it a double Clara” he said while dropping a wad full of cash on the bar. “Well Is that finally a tip for me after all these years Don” Clara said sifting through the cash. She poured up a drink, grabbed the cash and walked to another customer, a new one, in an all white suit. He looked strangely out of place. Like a Benz salesman in a Toyota scrapyard. Clara came back down and handed him another drink. Don said “no not yet.” She said “well the nice gentleman at the end seems like he has been kind of waiting on you.” As she pointed to the guy in all white. The guy tipped his fedora, stood up and walked over. He handed John a business card and said “what happened to you and your family was wrong. Money doesn’t solve that” and he walked out the door. John got up and ran after him. As he got out the door he saw the man in white turn at the corner. He ran down to the corner and turned to see no one. “where the hell did he go?” John thought. He stood there for a sec still looking on the desolate street. Then he turned and went back to his drinks. “who was that guy?” he asked Clara as he sat back down. “hey John. The usual for you tonight?” Clara asked as though she had not just served him two drinks. Confused he pointed down at his glasses that she had just served up a second ago. As he looked down at them they began to fade into nothing. “John, John honey what’s wrong? Somebody call an ambulance!” he heard Clara say as he fell to the floor. He could hear people coming and going. He could hear the doctors talk to Sarah. He was in a coma but was completely aware. He couldn’t see speak or respond but knew of his surroundings. Then he felt a presence. It was neither good or bad. It was almost like whoever had walked in the room had walked into his head.

            He was now sitting in a big conference room. Across the table sat the man in white. He had papers in front of him. “Can you hear me John. Ah! There we go. You’re finally awake!” "What is this? Who are you? What the hell is going on?” John interrupted. “None of that matters. What matters is who you are. I have a gift for you. A gift that will…” he paused. “a gift that will require your utmost care when you use it. One that you will have to learn over time. Like I told you in the bar. Money wont replace your son. And the justice system wont persecute his killers. If you want revenge you have to get it yourself. He smiled defiantly. I will allow you to exact revenge on the ones who took your boy. I will give you all of my power. You will take my place . Take my throne. Make it yours. I have my eyes set on a bigger prize than earth anyway.” The room started to shake. Everything in the room went flying. It was like a ghost movie. John was hold on to the wall for dear life. The man in white was walking through this shit storm like nothing was happening. He walked over to John and tapped his chest. John levitated while his body contorted in the most excruciating of ways. The meeting room faded away and now he was back in the hospital with the same shit storm happening and his body contorting. The doctors and nurses were holding on to anything they could find looking at him in amazement. Some were even praying as the shit storm got even more violent with every second that passed. The storm got to it’s peak and energy exploded from Johns body. This explosion leveled the entire block. Everything went dark. You could hear sirens off in the distance. John, along with everyone else on the block laid strewn presumed dead in the rubble.

              Camera crews were there 24/7. Rescue workers worked hard to save anyone they could. It was deemed a terrorist attack. It took days to recover the bodies. The death toll was up to about 700 now. With only about 29 people being found alive. During the day religious people said prayers. At night they lit candles and brought flowers for their dead loved ones. “THIS ONE’S ALIVE COME QUICK” Rescue workers ran to his aid. They all worked together to lift the debris to free whoever was calling out. As they lifted they could see a small hole. Inside the hole they could see two white orbs glowing. Small like eyes. “what is that?” “I don’t know” “hey if you can hear me. Can you crawl up to us?” Just then a hand reach out in front of the glowing orbs. The workers grabbed… reluctantly. They pulled and pulled. “he must be still stuck on something down there” “hey can you get yourself free of what ever it is that’s holding you down?” they screamed. “there isn’t anything down here he replied. So they tried again only this time he was as light as a feather. It was John. As soon as he emerged he stood up. He was naked. One of the workers took off his visibility vest and tried to cover him up. “what happened” john asked. Trying to gather himself as he was looking around. “some sort of terrorist attack man. Almost as bad as 9/11” John looked around again and realized it was the hospital. “SARAH!” he turned around in a panic. He bent down naked at the hole he had crawled out of and started tossing heavy debris as if they were small stones. What had taken the workers days to accomplish he did in a matter of seconds. As he opened up the hole he saw Sarah lying there. She looked malnutrition and her bone was sticking out of her arm. He could hear her heart beating faintly. He picked her up gently and started to carry her out of the debris. As he stepped foot where the workers once were he saw men with guns coming toward him. He froze in his steps. There were about 30 machine guns pointed at him. Sarah looked up and said “don’t let them hurt our boy” this hurt John. A tear dropped from his eye and landed on Sarah’s arm. He said “you’re all I have left. I wont let them hurt you.” Whole time the police were instructing him to “put the woman down and come over to them slowly”. He started to walk towards them with Sarah in his hands. “she needs a doctor” he screamed at them approaching. Three paramedics were allowed to grab Sarah from his arms as the men with guns approached him. He put his hands up surrendering to their excessive use of force despite the fact that he was willfully compliant. They put him in the back of a padded armored truck with 10 men on the inside with him. He sat quietly. He knew the police would shoot him without a moments notice simply because of the color of his skin.

          They got to a secure location and he was escorted to a room. Not an interrogation room. Just a room. With a light and a chair that was nailed to the floor. Concrete walls and a thick steel door. Either this was a room made to keep things in. Or a room made to keep things out. He sat there alone in the dimly lit room for about 30 minutes. Then the door opened and 10 armed men came in. They took his hand cuffs and attached them to the chair. Then they cuffed his ankles to the chair as well. The 10 guard stood on the wall as another guy came in. This guy must have been the real deal. None of the soldiers looked him in the eyes. He stepped in the room and the door was closed and locked from the outside. John thought this was the routine for terrorist attacks so he was prepared to comply and help solve what had happened. The big man started talking “at approximately zero three hundred hours an anomaly took place that was what we believe, was nuclear in nature. 779 confirmed dead so far. Every survivor we have pulled out dies from some unknown virus. So far that total is 34. 34 now dead survivors of the initial blast. Then there is you, and your fiance. Both of you are alive. She has sustained a small injury. She has traces of the virus but that and her broken arm are mending itself back to perfect health In front of our eyes. Now you, John. You escaped in perfect condition. Not only that, I have at least a dozen witnesses that say you moved at least ten tons of debris without so much as batting an eye. Now I’m no expert but I would say you’re not human. So… John. What are you and why have you come to earth. Is this attack a declaration of war?” John began trying to process all of this. With everything that had happened he hadn’t paid attention to the fact that he had done something to warrant this. He hadn’t paid attention to any of the details of what had transpired in the last couple of hours. All he knew is he was alive and so was Sarah.

         “I don’t know what happened. All I know is I heard people calling out when I woke up and I was in the dark and they rescued me.” “So what about the healing and strength you exhibited then?” the big man asked. “I don’t know man my adrenaline was rushing I guess,” John replied. The big man then started “ on October 8th 2017 officers were dispatched to a residence where your son was outside trying to get in. In response to an attempted robbery first officers on the scene instructed your son to lay on the ground. He then turned and charged at them. The officers, fearing for their safety opened fire on your son striking him 22 times. Your son was pronou..” “ don’t… bring… him… up…” John interrupted menacingly. The lights flickered. Everyone looked up at the lights as if they could see a tangible problem. “I’m just reading the police report John.” The big man said tauntingly. “please stop,” John pleaded. But the big man continued, “the police and the newspapers said your boy was a hulking beast. They said he looked like he could tear a man to shreds.” “I’m gonna tear you to shreds” John said while holding the man in the air by his throat. “how did he get free “one of the soldiers screamed as they aimed their guns at John. “SHOOT HIM!” the big man barely screamed. They opened fire. The bullets hit John and sunk deep. He stood there, absorbing them all. Then the shooting stopped. A few seconds were passing as John tried to comprehend what was happening. “It’s me John. White. I can take care of this for you. All you have to do is say the word. Hehehe” he heard the man in whites voice. He didn’t know what to do but say yes. “kill them all” John said. The bullets exploded from John’s body and killed the soldiers. The big man said faintly “What are you?” “Your death” John replied as he snapped his neck.

          In the hallway they could hear soldiers piling up to shoot them. He listened hard to see if he could hear Sarah’s heartbeat. He caught a glimpse of it. “Let me guess you want to save the girl” White said. “I have to” John replied. White blew the metal door to bits and exited into the hallway where a bullet storm awaited them. White lifted both arms straight to the side and brought them down swiftly. As he did all of the soldiers crashed head first into the ground being rendered unconscious. He was levitating off of the ground now. He followed Sarah's heartbeat. An alarm was sounding and they could hear everyone gearing up. White started “Give a man a gun and suddenly he thinks he is powerful and brave. They think their guns are powerful. Let’s show them what real power is…”

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