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Life Unrefined Ep. 6: To Be

War was inevitable, whether it was dealt with now or later. ​​And what better time than now should he squash this vermin. And that's what this Lawyer was, vermin. Zack began to address the question at hand.

"What do I wanna do? What would any of you do in this situation? What would any of you do to protect the people and things you love? What would you do to protect what's yours? You would have to handle it. This Lawyer is a disease. He's like a termite that you see in your house and don't kill right away. That's the termite that's pregnant. Pregnant with an idea. An idea to destroy everything you've created and built upon. We must crush him as though he is that termite or ant. When you squash an ant do you feel remorse. it has life just like you but you know it's better to crush it now than to let it multiply."

Everyone listened as Zack gave his speech. Zack didn't even know where those words came from. He felt like a different person. He had a different mind at this point. A dark one. Once Zack finished speaking, Terrell started. "The time is now gentlemen. We have to remind them of who we are. We have always been the strongest, the smartest, the most prominent in business. And with the alliance came weakness. We joined the Alliance in order to monopolize without drawing blood. But the rules have been broken and first blood has been drawn. Our blood. Now we must strike back and drain all the blood from within their body. We will claim everything they have for ours. The Alliance no longer exists. At midnight no rules will exist. All of you will divide yourselves and hit every single business that is under the Lawyer and his associates control. You three come with me and Zack. We're going straight to the Lawyer."

"So you know where the Lawyer is? And what is the Alliance you keep talking about." Zack asked Terrell as everyone grabbed up weapons and started heading for their cars. Zack grabbed an assault shotgun with a drum kit. It was bigger than he was. And he grabbed a .357 snub nose and stuck it in his pants. Terrell started to respond as he grabbed two rifles. "The Alliance is basically a truce between anyone and everyone who makes money illegally. Basically it was a cease fire that allowed everyone to conduct business without having to step on anyone else's toes. So whatever your respective endeavor was then you controlled that in the whole region. So the Lawyers line controlled all of the methamphetamine within our region. Five states. He's just a low level capo though. He doesn't call any shots but he's never liked Simeon. But in order for them to act on this I'm sure the word came from higher up. That's a bridge we will have to cross when we get there but everyone in our line of work knows full well that blood begets blood."

This was a lot for Zack to take in but in the heat of these moments he was at a different level of understanding. He absorbed everything like a sponge. As they got in the car he was silent for a few while he waited on Terrell to start the car. The other guys were in the back seat. They seemed ready for anything. They all had assault rifles and leather gloves on. Zack could see that he had not started anything. He was just a young guy getting an early introduction and start to this life. But in some strange and demented way, he enjoyed this way more than what he had been living before. So instead of being the first criminal, he decided he would be the Zeitgeist of criminality. He would be the spirit of this time. He would show the world... "Huh?" he answered as he noticed that Terrell was talking to him. He had been so deep in those thoughts he had not heard a single word. "I said so what you got in mind. We should wait for him to come out and follow him. it's a lot of the Alliance in there so it might get hectic if we just go in." Terrell said.

"What kind of gun do you got? And how can you tell who with the lawyer or not? Plus if everybody supposed to be at peace then they not gon expect to have a gun fight. But don't nobody know who I am either so I can walk right up to him and they'll never know. So if you can, just all y'all stand outside in case he get away from me and I'll go in and bring him out." Zack said. Terrell replied saying, "Well, maybe that'll work. But I'm sure he's gonna have personal security." "Ion care about his security. I want him dead. He dies tonight, no exceptions." They were pulling up to the banquet hall. Everyone in the car was ready for whatever was about to happen. Zack mainly. He was more than ready. He clenched the gun tightly in his palm, feeling as though he was becoming one with his gun. He had a soldiers mentality. He rubbed the gun as though it were Amy. He pictured her face, the terror in her eyes as she saved their lives earlier that night. She was courageous enough to do it, but it still scared the shit out of her. And he'd just left her there alone. Women didn't need to be alone. Neither did his gun.

This gun in my hand is my friend

it will not deceive me nor lead me astray

this gun that I hold is my kin

Knowing more of me than I'm willing to say

this gun is like my brother

with me thru the darkest of times

this gun is like a mother

protecting me thru the water and fire

this gun is not just a gun

this gun is an extension of me

this man and his gun will come

and their truths shall set you free

He opened the car door and stepped out into the dimly lit parking lot. there were security guards patrolling the area. He wanted to hide from them but it was too late. One of them saw him and started to walk his way. "What are you doing out here Kidd?" "I gotta pee, and I think my uncle is inside." "Who is your Uncle?" "Carlos.." he replied. "Oh yeah, Carlos is in there. I think he's the host this year. Well the bathroom is down the left hallway when you go in. You can't miss it." "Okay, thanks." Zack said as he escaped without being discovered. That was easier than he'd thought. He got to the double glass doors and opened the one on the right to go in. As he went in he could hear music playing and people sounding like they were having a great time. How was he to know who Carlos was? He saw a door that lead to the Main Ballroom. He opened and saw people dancing and eating and socializing in a grandiosely festive environment. smoke filled the air and there were dancers in cages and on swings hanging from the ceiling. Things he had only seen in movies. The lights were just dim enough for him to sneak along the back wall and filter out who the Lawyer could be. He crept quietly in the shadows, careful not to alert anyone of his presence. He stopped by a cracked open back door. He peeked through to see what was on the other side. Just the outside.

He stood there for a second looking around the room, waiting for any clues, for someone to give it away. he looked at all the people dancing, he looked at all the people sitting at tables, he looked towards the front where there was a special table. There were a bunch of guys sitting around the table, and a bunch of guys standing guard too. Then he heard it. He heard someone say his name from across the room. It was a tall dark man who seemed to be a bit full of himself. He looked back in the direction that he called out to and that's when he noticed who it was. Carlos. He had answered. But... Who it actually was? Zack was confused. Just then someone covered his mouth from behind and pulled him through the cracked door leading outside...

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