Life Unrefined: Pilot

He couldn't believe his eyes

as he raised his hands and she cried

he looked past the barrel of a gun

 into the devil he created eyes

He knew his life would be short

just didn't expect it this soon

his mind wandered and so did his eyes

as his life began to play on the walls of that room

Everyone was dressed in all black. Women's mascara ran down their faces as tears fell and froze quickly. Zack stood amidst the rest of his family and tried to be strong for everyone else. He was the oldest and the only boy so he had to be strong for them. But this death took a lot from him, from everyone. Especially his mother. She had a different kind of tear in her eyes. A dying tear. They not only buried his little sister that day. They buried his mothers sanity as well. The sky was a dim pale gray, no leaves were on the trees. They walked back from the cemetery to their one room shack. There was no repass. They could barely afford the funeral itself. If it weren't for someone else giving more than half of the money for the burial, it would have never happened. That night was the lonliest night ever. He sat in the front room, all the lights off, and finally cried to himself. He hated watching his family struggle. He was fourteen now and could do so much more to contribute to the household. He couldn't bury another family member. He had his mother and three sisters left. He had to find a job after school. Anything would help. He layed there that night in the fetal position crying and thinking and planning a way to save his family. His head weighed heavy with the task ahead. Yet, no one was prepared for what would happen next. 

He woke up the next morning doing his normal routine of getting everyone ready for school. His mom left for work before they would wake up so he was used to getting everything together. The girls were Ashley who was 11, Brittany who was 9, and Charity who was 6. He got them up on time and they were dressed by the time their buses arrived. He saw them to their bus and got on his bike and headed for school. The ride to school was cold and lonely. The crisp morning air allowed him to see every breath he took. He finally got to school, put his bike in his usual spot, and went inside. The halls were swarming since it was so cold that morning. He hoped the sun would bring a little heat later. Everyone was sympathetic. People who had never even looked his way were stopping in the hall to say "Are you okay?" and "I'm sorry for your loss." He just said "yes" and "Thank you." He found his friends and they did the same. He told them he was okay and that he didn't want to think about it. They said "you smokin' after school with us?" He agreed. He wanted it to be a typical day. The first bell rang and they all started heading to their classes. Zack had skipped a grade in school and instead of being a freshman he had been promoted to the sophomore level. He didn't take any classes with any of his friends. They barely ever saw each other until their lunch period. The day seemed to drift away slowly as Zack's mind continuously wandered as to how he could help his mom so they wouldn't have to suffer anymore. But everything he came up with would take so much time. Another bell rang, it was lunch time. Maybe he could get his mind off of it for a minute since he had lunch with his friends. He put his things in his locker and headed for the lunch room. 

There she was. Amy. She was by far the prettiest girl in school. He tried to play it cool as they walked past each other. He knew she would walk this way everyday and one day he would finally have the courage to say something to her. Not today though. Nah! Definitely not today. He turned around watching her as she passed and did not even hear or see the Principal who he was 2 seconds from bumping into. 2... 1... "Mr. Robinson. How are we today?" she said. "i'm fine Mrs. Dreer." Zack replied. Mrs. Dreer was a fairly big woman so he had felt as though he had run into a brick wall. She was top heavy but her legs were soooo small... Anyway, she continued talking to him, "If you are having trouble you can talk to any of my staff or me. Don't be afraid to come to us. We know you're dealing with a lot of difficulties right now and we are here to help." "Ummm. Ok." Zack replied as he stepped around her and continued to walk to the cafeteria. He got there, got his food, and found his friends. They were sitting at the usual table. He walked over, sat down, and joined the conversation. "We can get two. We got enough for two." Jay said. "But we still have to get a cigar though." Replied Tee. "I got some cigars already. My brother has a box of them. I'll just grab some of his." said Jon Jon. Jay butted in "Hey Zack, you think you can talk to Charles about giving us some extra weed. I mean he is your cousin and it was his family that died too." "What the hell Jay. How you just gonna say that to him." "It's ok." Zack replied. "I may be able to get some for free. Jay's right, he's my cousin so maybe he will..." Then Zack stopped mid sentence as he thought about what he was saying. He began to put everything together. Charles was the only guy that sold weed and he lived in the next town. So everyone in the city that smoked went to him. If he gave Zack some of the weed he could sell it easy because they didn't have to go and get it from Charles and Charles could pay him. 

He hopped up from the table and ran to his locker to get his jacket and his backpack. The guys figured he had some homework he didn't finish or something. He went out of the main entrance doors by the principals office, no one was ever there. He got to his bike, hopped on and started pedaling with nothing but ambition and adrenaline flowing through him. His brain raced around so many ideas of what he could do. He thought to himself "If I can just make a hundred dollars a week I can buy the groceries or help out with a bill. Man, I hope Charles lets me work for him. We could probably make more money." His heart was beating so fast. On his bike it would take him about 45 minutes to make it to Charles and the whole 45 minutes he pedaled as fast as he could. He finally got to Charles' street. He dropped his bike and took off running towards Charles' house. Charles was about 23 but he stayed by himself. He got to the door, out of breath, knocking so hard he hurt his knuckles. Charles came to the door quickly and angrily at that. "Who the fuck bangin' on my door like that?" he said as he swung the door open. "Oh Zack. What up? Come in." Zack walked in slowly still trying to catch his breath. "What the hell i