Project V Ep. 2

   "AHHHHHHHHHHHH. What the fuck! Where is he? Where is my son? What the fuck happened? Am I dead? I know that asshole shot me. But I don't feel like I am dead." He looked at his reflection in the window of that store. Not a scratch which was strange seeing that he had just been shot in the face. His skin was pale though and shit was he hungry. His stomach rumbled deep within the pits of his soul. He could hear animals running near him. He turned to look and saw two squirrels running in the woods about 2 miles away. But how could he hear them or see them. Those thoughts quickly went away as he realized the truck tires on the ground. He had to get to his son before something even worse happened. It was night now, or maybe even close to morning. The moon and stars beamed down, but the roads were still dark. He could still smell the burnt rubber and exhaust fumes and decided that'd be a good place to start tracking the thugs who took his son. He started to run but just as quickly as he had started, he stopped. He looked back to see the distance he had covered. He had run about 2 miles in a matter of a few seconds. This couldn't be. The hunger again, it hit him hard as he fell to his knees. He looked over to see he had made it near those squirrels. His instinct kicked in and his mouth started to hurt like new teeth were coming in. His jawbone cracked about four times. Click! CRack! CRck! Crck! He he spit out blood and teeth. He touched his mouth to find bigger teeth had come out. He looked up at the squirrels and in one fell swoop he picked them up and ripped through their flesh, lapping as much of their blood as he could. He felt a little bit better. "What is this?" he thought to himself. His focus was drawing back to the truck fumes.

He singled in on his truck and started running again. They hadn't gone far. A few minutes later and he was at an old warehouse facility. He could see them inside, almost like heat vision. He could see every last person in there and he could see his son. He was roaming around around looking down from what he could see. There were other people there too, all of them seemed like prisoners. Then he could see everyone who had a gun. He had to be careful. He just wanted to get his son and get out, and as long as he was quiet and safe he could slip past all of the thugs with guns. He got into the building easily, passing a few rooms before he got to the large area where all the people were. He saw a blanket and tossed it around his head and shoulders so he could blend in wit everyone else. His hunger was getting the best of him though. He needed to eat again, those squirrels had not done much for him at all except made him even hungrier. He was close up on his son now and his son had not noticed. No one noticed but there was someone that I noticed almost immediately. But how could she be here? 

We hadn't seen each other for 7 years, but she looked just as good as the day we met. She was my first love and I was hers. Our split was bad but I would give anything to have her back in my life. I decided at that moment I would rescue her and Tyler from that place. I grabbed Tyler as he hugged me and told him to stay quiet so that we could get out. Then we headed over to Jessica. Everyone there was malnourished including Jessica and Tyler. She didn't even notice me walk up. "Jessica! Jessica!" "Branden," she replied surprised. We hugged. Her embrace seemed to be the best thing I had felt. Everything inside me began to fluster and my jaws started to crack again. I felt my fangs growing. The urge was sexual. I felt like I would rip her open just like I did those squirrels. i backed away from her but not before she saw the fangs that had grown. She got scared. She stumbled away from me and knocked over a chair which alerted the guards. One of them saw me and screamed for the other guards. I looked around, through those walls and saw about thirty armed guards coming toward me. I noticed they were all men and the prisoners were all women and kids. 

As the guards surrounded me, I stepped in front of Jessica and pushed Tyler toward her. I said "I'm going to get us out of here." Jessica looked confused but there was something in me that knew I could take them out possibly before they got a shot off. Just then a man from upstairs shouted, "you're supposed to be dead. I killed you hours ago. Blew your head clean off." He said as he aimed his gun in my direction. Every time my heart started to race, my jaws started to crack and break and my fangs would pop back in. This scared everyone and just as the first guard puled the trigger I had ripped his heart clean from his body. The other guards started to run away shooting wildly, afraid for their life. I took their lives one by one until only the man upstairs was left. I jumped up to that balcony and he pissed himself. He unloaded the entire clip into me but it didn't stop me. I walked right up to him and truthfully I was probably more afraid than he was. It was pure fight or flight at this point. I picked him up by his neck and said, "That's right, you did kill me. For a while at least. But there will be no resurrections for you." I instinctively bit the front of his throat and ripped it away with my fangs and put my mouth back and drank from his blood. As I drank I felt the blood replenishing in my veins and in my brain and in my heart. This was what I needed. I drained the last drop from him I jumped back downstairs to drain the rest of the guards.

As i finished I grabbed their swashtika flag too wipe the blood from my face. Everyone, including Jessica and Tyler, looked absolutely terrified. Tyler hid behind Jessica as I approached. i kneeled down and said, "Tyler, it's ok. Those were bad men and they were going to hurt you all. I was only trying to protect you." "You're a monster like those things outside," someone screamed. "I don't know what those things are but I ain't one of them. What i do know is what you just saw. I'm really fast and a bit strong. But I need to drink blood to survive. I can protect you all from assholes like this but we all are gonna have to work together. Because as you can see if I wanted to hurt anyone here, i could have." Everyone was quiet. They were afraid but they all knew I was right. Just then Jessica stepped forward. "Well we see what he can do and no one is a prisoner here. if you want to leave then you are welcome to leave." Everyone grabbed their things and started to leave. I found the some truck keys and went outside to see which car they started. 

The keys were to an RV. Jessica and Tyler came with me and about 4 more people. Jessica asked me, "So what now?" "Well, I have to got my fiance." I said. Jessica nodded as she got into the passenger seat. Tyler sat in back as the others loaded up up sup ome supplies and guns. As I started the RV and began to pull away from the warehouse, the other cars started to follow us. "Looks like they want to stick together after all." I said to Jessica. She looked in the side mirror at the brigade of cars following us and smiled. We rode of into the darkness. I now had a few people to protect. If we worked together we could make it through this thing. We had to find my fiance and the rest of my family and set up someplace safe for everyone to live. There was nothing going to stop me from keeping my people safe...

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