Project V Ep. 3

We were on the road now. Jessica, Tyler, and a slew of others were on our way to Chicago to find Tara. How can I explain this whole thing to Tara though? I'm sure she wouldn't understand me just showing up with Jessica. Tara was in Chicago with my mom, hopefully. Just then one of the cars sped up beside me honking. Everyone in my RV looked out of the windows as I rolled mine down and slowed down. 

"We're almost out of gasss," they yelled. "Next exit. Next Exit," I yelled back. The road was desolate and easy to navigate. We saw the random eater here and there. The exit was close so we merged. We were quite a few cars and we pulled into the first gas station we saw. As everyone pulled to pumps, we needed to know how to turn on the pumps. There was no power to the station so we first had to figure out how to restore the power. But first I needed to make sure the station was safe. I went around to the cars asking if anyone knew about the power and working the pumps. Charles and Kintoh both knew about the station and Nakia was an engineer and could fix the power. I told everyone to sit tight while i did a quick security sweep.

I, within a few seconds, ran into the station and did a quick sweep. Once I saw that it was safe I told everyone to get out and get to work. We needed supplies and this station had plenty, including a restaurant. One of the others that was with us had been a cook before so he rummaged through the subway restaurant attached to the station. Nakia came back to me to report what she had found out about the power. "Luckily, they have a backup generator that I can get running. I need a screwdriver, some gas, duct tape, a lighter and some pliers." I obliged as i began to search the back rooms for the items she needed. I found everything but the gas. I came to the conclusion that I would have to siphon it out of some of the cars around. 

I found some old tubing and I emptied out some gallons of water and orange juice and went on my way. I started to check cars and i figured i could smell the gas. I found so many cars with gas that I really had enough to put into our vehicles. I gave Nakia what she needed and she got started on getting the power going. They needed this win to keep morale going so I didn't just go and fill up their cars myself. It took Nakia about an hour to get the power on and by that time it had started getting dark. Everyone had Subway meat but it didn't help me. I knew what I needed but I couldn't get it from here. I smiled and laughed as I danced with Jessica and Tyler. Charles and Kintoh worked together to fill everyone's cars outside. Everything was coming together nicely and we would be able to crash here for the night.

Tyler's smile warmed me and Jessica looked like everything I had ever wanted in life. If I was to lead these people, she was the perfect person to be by my side. For a long moment I truly considered not going to get Tara and just staying here and finding somewhere we could all stay toget... "EATERRRRRRRRS! THEY GOT CHARLES, THEY GOT CHARLES!" Kintoh came in screaming, trying to lock the glass doors behind him. To no avail, though. The Eaters just jumped through the glass windows. There were about twenty of them. Easy work for me. I went in full force but after I took down about 5 of them i could feel myself starting to slow down. I didn't feel as strong and the Eaters started to get past me. They got to Kintoh before I could. As the Eaters overwhelmed me, Jessica stepped up with a bat and helped get them off of me. Charles was struggling to get back inside to us but was clearly hurt bad. Jessica swung her bat wildly, Kintoh swung a metal piece of the broken front door and  everyone else picked up anything they could find to fight with. I stood up slowly as Kintoh dragged Charles over to the group. Jessica and a few others finished off the last of the Eaters and came to check on me and Charles. I got up slowly, I was tired and felt dead inside. 

As they looked at Charles' arm, another swarm of Eaters were coming in from the distance and this time there was a huge one with them I had to do something. It's weight alone was enough to crush any of us. I sluggishly headed outside through the broken windows. Somehow the Eaters communicated that the big one would take me on so the rest of the smaller ones stayed back. I looked around for a weapon and Jessica said from behind me, "You'd better take this." She tossed me the bat and I barely caught it. I turned back around to see the gigantic Eater face to face with me now. I swung the bat, he caught it with one hand, snatched it way from me, and gave me a backhand that seemed to come from the gods. I flew backwards through the window and rolled right up to the feet of Charles. Jessica leaned down to me and said, "You need to turn back into whatever that was in the warehouse. We need you, Tyler needs you... I need you." "I need to feed. I got no energy and I can't fight without feeding again." She looked around and after a moment she stuck her arm out and said, "Use me." She was serious, but I know i couldn't bite her without killing her. I pushed her arm away, "No. You'll die." "Better one person than everyone." She was right. I couldn't let everyone die. That gigantic Eater was coming through the window now and I made a split second decision. "Charles, I'm sorry but you already got bit. But I need to feed on you to save everyone else. So do you want to die and be an Eater or do you want to die knowing you saved everyone else?"

Charles pulled me close, tears coming down his eyes. "You save everybody. Just remember when you all make your first settlement, name it after me." I promised him that I would and Jessica got everyone to stand back. My jaws started to crack and I sunk my teeth directly into his chest and drank from his heart. I filled up on blood quickly and made Charles' death even quicker. But before I could stand I felt a and on my head lift me from the ground. He thought he had me but i was strong again, and fast. Too fast for him. I reached up and broke his fingers. Once i hit the ground I squared up with him and started to dance circles around him. After about a minute I realized that my strength could do nothing with this gigantor. As I tried to figure out my next move he hit me with an overhand right and sent me flying into the glass refrigerators. I quickly got up as he rushed toward me. I jumped up and landed on his shoulders. With all my strength I pummeled his head in as much as I could and when he fell to his knees I planted my feet on the ground and pulled with all my might. I ripped his head clean from his shoulders. I was covered in blood and ready to deal with the rest of the Eaters. I walked outside with the Gigantors head and threw it to the other Eaters. They started to part as three more Gigantors started to come from the back of the crowd. "Shit," I said under my breath. I wasn't sure if I could take them all on without feeding on at least five more people. 

Jessica obviously knew this too as she screamed "Everybody load up and let's get out of here." They all started running for the cars. As Jessica passed me I told her, "Get as far away as you can. I'll hold them off." Jessica nodded as she drove off. I turned around to face the gigantors, and they were chasing after the cars. I caught up to the smallest one and easily ripped his head off. The other two faced me as the rest of the Eaters surrounded me. It was time to fight hard or risk losing my people. But it had to be done.

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