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Regicide Ep. 1: Death of a King

Detective Casolino arrives on the scene of the crime, hungover from last nights gin. She has her dark shades on and her baseball cap low. The coffee in her hand is stale and black and the donut is soft and warm. 

Detective: What do we got today?

(Said tiredly. Another body found. Yet another dead body to add to the count in Chicago.

Rich from Forensics: We have an adult male, age 33. Cause of death is two large caliber shots to the head. The vic was executed. We won't know the time of death until the autopsy. We already marked all the evidence we could find; bullet shells, full safe, two glasses on the table. This doesn't look like a robbery. Looks more of a hit. This guy must have been heavy to have a hit on him. 

Detective Casolino: Alright let's get everything logged. This morning is already off to a rough start, I'll get working on the paperwork. Wait, what is DEA doing on my crime scene.

Rich from Forensics: Oh yea apparently this murder is connected to the biggest crime ring in the history of America. They think this guy was just a mule or safe house for the cartel or the mafia. No telling really. No one knows who this guy is.

Detective Casolino: So you mean to tell me we've had the biggest cartel or mafia safe house under our nose and no one knew? 

Rich from Forensics: Looks that way. So everyone has to work together on this one. The FBI is set to address our department and the DEA at noon at headquarters.

Detective Casolino: Headquarters?Well shit, this little vic just became the most important death in America. 

(Detective Casolino) As Rich from Forensics got back to gathering evidence I couldn't help but think to myself that both the DEA and FBI had to team up with me. I hadn't even been told anything prior to this. It was unlike Cap to not follow protocol, Whatever was going on here was way deeper that just this random guy being murdered. I guess that's why they put me on the murder case. They just needed someone to do the busy work while they figured out who the real culprit was. But this was my chance at redemption. This was Chicago's chance at redemption. I could solve this, I could finally do my job for real and start to make real change in Chicago. This could mean a new change to the drug ridden, murderous city that she called home. And this little random vic could be the key. 

I make it over to headquarters just in time for this "briefing as they call it. These pricks treat us locals like crap and I'm sure that they just want us to run around with our heads up our asses looking for a killer we will never find while they get all the credit.

FBI Asshole: Ok Everyone take your seats and let's get started. (He waited for everyone to sit down) Alright, according to our records we just discovered one of the biggest safe houses in history. So far we have found a record breaking 21 tons of Marijuana, 8 tons of heroin, and 34 tons of cocaine so far. We have people that will be working around the clock to thoroughly search the entire 6 acres that is registered to the shell company. We believe this to be the beginnings of an all out war between the mafia and the cartel. All murders believed to be part of this will be directed to the CPD. All handling of narcotics will be DEA and the FBI will run point. Right now we will be gathering as much info as possible from all of our informants. I will be hand picking the delegates from each entity who will be the point of contact. I will let the captains know tomorrow after thorough investigations.

As that FBI Asshole finished talking I could't help but think "Chicago is bad enough, we can't handle any more of a war than we already have out here." The gangs and police all want each other dead. Out here it's either kill or be killed. The beat cops got it the worse. I guess for now I will just start on the paperwork and wait for a positive ID on the victim.

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