Road Trip

His dick was throbbing

    pulsating so to speak

he was so excited that his dick started to peak

"ohhh is that a little precum,

somebody is getting happy

aww  let me kiss him

look at my little daddy"

she crawled backward down the bed

until his penis was by her face

she grabbed it with her right hand

and gave it a little taste

just a little tongue action

and the sight of that drove him wild

the blood rushed even faster

she had to calm him like he was a child

she rubbed his chest to calm him

it did the exact opposite

she kissed n lick his dick a bit more

then she took her mouth off of it

he was trying to break free

but he was just  the passenger on this ride

she told him "im gonna ride your dick like a road trip"

after that he was fine being tied

she got on top of him


and grabbed his dick

  she put it in

that first penetration startled her

so she shoved him deeper in

she was already wet from before

so lubrication was no problem

she went down first a far as she could

now both their genitals were throbbing

she squeezed her muscles

it gripped his dick