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Road Trip

His dick was throbbing

    pulsating so to speak

he was so excited that his dick started to peak

"ohhh is that a little precum,

somebody is getting happy

aww  let me kiss him

look at my little daddy"

she crawled backward down the bed

until his penis was by her face

she grabbed it with her right hand

and gave it a little taste

just a little tongue action

and the sight of that drove him wild

the blood rushed even faster

she had to calm him like he was a child

she rubbed his chest to calm him

it did the exact opposite

she kissed n lick his dick a bit more

then she took her mouth off of it

he was trying to break free

but he was just  the passenger on this ride

she told him "im gonna ride your dick like a road trip"

after that he was fine being tied

she got on top of him


and grabbed his dick

  she put it in

that first penetration startled her

so she shoved him deeper in

she was already wet from before

so lubrication was no problem

she went down first a far as she could

now both their genitals were throbbing

she squeezed her muscles

it gripped his dick

she could notice him gasp

she started to come up slowly

she didnt want to move too fast

she leaned forward and grabbed his chest

and kinda squeezed it too

she needed a good strong grip for what she was about to do

she arched her back

she went back down

she curved her back

she came back up

she did this for a few minutes until she just said "fuck"

he just watched her and kinda thrusted too

 she pulled her legs up to a squat

she arched her back again

she could feel him hit that spot

She bounced faster now

she had to keep her motion

but she felt herself about to come

yessssss she was about to bust open

she came hard and stopped moving

she had to regain herself

she took a deep breath and let the immaculate pleasure subside that she'd just felt

she turned around

reverse cowgirl

"yippee cayay muthafucka'

she grabbed his knees and pushed it deep some more

til she couldnt take the mothathucka

"whew" she said

"this shit is hard work"

he just hummed "mmmm hmmmm"

but this road trip wasn't over yet


        its time for u to come"

She leaned back on his chest and kept her back in the arch.

she bounced on him like this for a while

until they both felt it start

this was the best worst position ever

so hard for her but it felt so good

she felt herself about to come again

like she knew she would

but he was on the verge of climax as well

and this one for them both was feeling different

from the tips of their fingers and tips of their toes

is where it started to hit them

it crept up slowly til it reached the epicenter

annnnnd ohhhh my god it was a biiiig boom!

he squirted in her she squirted all over the bed

and even some across the room

they could barely thrust through it


   wtf was they doing

to make them come like that

it was so great that they didn't move after

they both just layed on their backs

they were breathing heavy

the room was so hot

he had worked the rag out of his mouth

he had loved the courage that she had got

but this trip wasn't over

he had some tricks up his sleeve

and she wasn't even prepared

"ima show u what bondage really is"

and now

she was a little scared

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