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The Ties That Bind

it was scary

he was harry

he escaped like houdini

how could he be so good at this

she was wary

cause it was very

obvious that he

was very turned on by bondage

he freed himself

he got up from the bed

he said

        just stay where you are

so she layed there wondering

her brain was thundering

as he began to brainstorm

he walked out of the room

he returned with some ropes

she said to herself

           What the hell?

he said

      you need a safe word

      cause it might get hectic

      I can tell

so she thought to herself

     what could my safeword be

the first thing that came to mind was the word


He said


and grabbed her by the hand

he led her to the dining room

she couldnt see

so she just followed

and tried to see her way by the moon

he sat her down in a chair

the wood was a tad but cold

he said

     now i'm going to tie you up

all she could say was


he started to tie her up

as he told her what he was doing

    this is called the g-string

now her courage she was losing

as he finished the tie in the dark

he lit a few candles on the table

then he walked in the living room closet

and pulled out a bag with no label

he opened it up slowly

took out some kind of roll

as as he unraveled the ties that bound it

her face simply said

     ohhh no

the first item was a hood

she didnt get to see the rest

he covered her face with the hood

as he softly caressed her breast


only his silhouette

she was frightened and excited the same

she felt his presence come close

but he left just as soon as he came

then again he came close

he had a candle in his hand

she felt hot wax drip on her

   sssss damnnn

it dried up just as quickly

and he scraped it off with his nails

then he rubbed the spots with ice

and she cringed as each drip fell

he loosened the ropes around her legs

and she could feel his cold fingertips

they touched slowly up her thighs

and up around her hips

she felt him kneel in between her legs

she was trying to keep her composure

then she heard him say

     things are about to get a little colder

his lips were freezing cold

as he kissed her clitoris

his tongue was even colder

as he began to lick

he stopped for a second

then she felt his lips again

    was that ice now in his mouth?

   oh shit its so cold

she let some moans come out

he flicked the ice around her clitoris

    was this considered sloppy top

but it was so intense that her body just could not stop

she convulsively came

her body she couldn't control

and he never let up for a moment

as her eyes continued to roll

once he stopped she was confused

where was he? what was he doing?

but that head was so amazing

then she felt the ropes begin to loosen...

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